Building information modelling (BIM) significantly improves the quality and accuracy of the information that is pushed downstream.

Our construction documents are created directly from the Autodesk Revit Structure model. If the model is correct, then the drawings are automatically correct.

With help from BIM, we are able to recognize situations and resolve them quickly and efficiently—in most cases before beginning construction. As a result this will avoid many coordination and design errors on site and, thereby, saving considerable time and greatly reducing cost overruns.

Building Information Modelling is transforming the design process of buildings worldwide.

The virtual building, where design, construction, environmental performance and operational challenges are visualised, solved and optimised in an integrated computer simulation, is becoming a reality.

Working from a 3D model brings significant advantages of increased accuracy and cost saving benefits to the design process. The production of high-quality drawings and the way in which the design can be conveyed has been revolutionised. As all information is linked together in Revit, any change in any view will be reflected throughout the entire model. For example if a wall is moved in a plan view the change will be reflected in Elevations, Detail views etc.