Post tensioning provides economic design and construction for concrete slabs through characteristics such as; larger spans, slender slab thickness, faster formwork stripping times, better crack control, and reduction in deflection.

Farr Engineers provides full design and documentation of post-tensioned and pre stressed structures from preliminary designs to complete shop detailed tendon layouts. Post tensioning is suitable for transfer slabs, transfer beams, raft slabs, car parking structures, and long span structures. Watertight slabs utilising post tensioning can reduce, or eliminate, the dependence on membranes for roof and basement slabs, and can greatly reduce the risk of costly repairs due to the ingress of moisture.

Designs are undertaken using the latest computer software packages. The experience gained from over 25 years of continuous involvement with post tensioning provides clients with the appropriate solutions, and rapid development of designs and fully co-ordinated drawings. The design approach is to understand our client’s requirements and ensure the design meets time, design and financial expectations.

Post tensioning Projects

The Oasis on Broadbeach

Farr Engineers demonstrated innovation in designing PT to strengthen existing shopping centre structural elements to carry the increased loads of a proposed expansion, while not having to construct additional columns to ensure maximum floor space for the tenancy. The efficient and non conventional design methods enabled the client to save money and time during construction. For this project, Farr Engineers were involved in the design, documentation, and inspections.

Abian Botanic Gardens

Farr Engineers has undertaken design and documentation Sunland Group’s new residential tower, situated in the heart of Brisbane CBD, overlooking the Botanic Gardens. The project has utilised PT on every level of the building, allowing for rapid construction, efficient and slender spans for beams and slabs, while working with the sculpture inspired curved floor layouts.

FortyFive Lawson (45 Lawson Street, Byron Bay)

FortyFive Lawson has been seen locally as one of the first major developments in Byron Bay in 20 years. Farr Engineers undertook both civil and structural design and documentation for this multi unit dwelling, including a post tensioned transfer slab, and water tight basement and roof slabs.

Hamilton Harbour

Farr Engineers were responsible for all the slab designs for Hamilton Harbour. The project included Basements, Ground Floor and 2 towers.