Kelvin Grove State College – GLA Year 7

In 2014 we worked on Kelvin Grove State College’ new building as part of the Year 7 Flying Start Program.The building comprises of 18 general learning classrooms, 2 flexible learning areas, collaborate areas and project development areas.

A new suspended link bridge from the adjacent existing 3 story building was also installed.

The building is located over a very steep slope that wraps around on 2 sides.

To overcome the site constraints and also be able to adhere to the tight program a fully precast concrete solution was adopted.
The advantage of using precast beams and columns is it allowed us to design a floor system that was self-supported over the steep slopes.
Therefor formwork and propping was not required for the suspended floors which would have been almost impossible to erect.

External Precast wall panels were also used.

As part of our engagement Farr Engineers also completed the shop drawings for all Precast beams and floor panels.


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Biscoe Wilson Architects

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